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LoongSoul Cuckoo Fairy ZiGui

Код: 1073 Есть в наличии
Body blushing :
Размер груди :
Clothing :
Eyes :
Make-up :
Shoes :
Skin color :
Wig :
Цена: 14065 грн


Cuckoo Fairy·ZiGui
Fullset limited
Release Date: 14th September 2017
From 14th September 2017 to 14th October 2017, you can get 15% off for Cuckoo Fairy•ZiGui and other accessories, 10% for her outfit.
Optional Parts 
Wig: WG3-0073 (basic type): $22
Wig: out
EyesNot for sale
Outfit69GC-0022 (60 sets limited): out
Shoes60S-0027: $22
Body blushing$40
*The doll picture is a sample only. The actual make-up/body blushing might be different on the color and brush touch.
*Make-up and body blushing is easy to be damaged. Products are not eligible for after-sales service for their body blushing on joints wearing or the make-up damage. We appreciate your understanding.  

*The color in the picture could be slightly different from the real color depending on monitor or PC settings. Products are not eligible for exchange or return for this reason.


















Бренд LoongSoul
Category 2 Grace 69 75
Глаза 14mm
Пол Женский
Head 20.5cm
Height 69cm
Размер груди на фото S
Model skin French white


Доставка по всему миру. Укрпочтой или по договоренности.

Украина: Укрпочта и Новая Почта. Оплата за почтовые услуги при получении. 

По Украине Укрпочтой бесплатно на сумму от 500 грн.


Украина: оплата на карту ПриватБанка и наложенный платеж (кроме BJD). 

Другие страны: оплата на карту переводами MasterCard и VISA.

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