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LoongSoul God of Flower-Xi Ruo

Код: 1144 Есть в наличии
Body blushing :
Размер груди :
Clothing :
Eyes :
Make-up :
Shoes :
Skin color :
Wig :
Type :
Optional parts 1 :
Optional parts 2 :
Optional parts 3 :
Цена: 15080 грн

God of Flower-Xi Ruo

15 Fullsets Limited
45 Basic Sets Limited
Release Date: 6th April, 2018
From 6th April, 2018 to 6th May, 2018, you will get 10% off for the doll and accessories.
This event can’t be combined with other events. Single body toning is not available for this doll.
*Basic Set Including*
Xi Ruo , 2 pairs of ears, Certification head plate, Authentication plate, Birth certificate, Random eyes, Mask, Airpillow, LoongSoul official box
*Fullset Including*
Xi Ruo , 2 pairs of ears, Wig WG3-0086 (including hair accessories and necklace), eyes X-0031(14mm), Clothes 69GC-0026, High-heeled feet (add $36 to change into high-heeled legs), High-heeled shoes (SZX0012, white) , Face-up, Certification head plate, Authentication plate, Birth certificate, Random eyes, Mask, Airpillow, LoongSoul official box
*Optional Parts*
Wig: WG3-0086 (including hair accessories and necklace) (only sold with fullset)
Eyes: X-0031 (14mm): $20
Shoes: 69GC-0026: $140 (60 sets limited)
Resin high-heeled shoes SZX0012 (only sold with fullset, not suitable for flat-heeled feet)
Resin high-heeled shoe sole: $30
69cm female hand (HG-69-02): $24
69cm female high-heeled feet: $22
69cm female high-heeled legs: $60
Make-up (including 2 pairs of ears): $90
Body blushing: $40
The doll shown in this page is with hand HG-69-02. The basic set does not include this part.
*The doll picture is a sample only. The actual make-up/body blushing might be different on the color and brush touch.
 *Make-up and body blushing is easy to be damaged. Products are not eligible for after-sales service for their body blushing on joints wearing or the make-up damage. We appreciate your understanding.
 *The color in the picture could be slightly different from the real color depending on monitor or PC settings. Products are not eligible for exchange or return for this reason.
*It takes about 3 to 4 months to complete orders. We appreciate your patience.
Бренд LoongSoul
Category 2 Grace 69 75
Глаза 16mm
Пол Женский
Height 69cm
Model skin French white


Доставка по всему миру. Укрпочтой или по договоренности.

Украина: Укрпочта и Новая Почта. Оплата за почтовые услуги при получении. 

По Украине Укрпочтой бесплатно на сумму от 500 грн.


Украина: оплата на карту ПриватБанка и наложенный платеж (кроме BJD). 

Другие страны: оплата на карту переводами MasterCard и VISA.

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